Concept  by Rao Vadlaputi

Building unique fun sound-based games focused on Hearing for all age groups, along with early hearing loss awareness reports.

Every journey begins with a question and mine began with a ridiculous one "Can we avoid a medical condition by playing fun loving mobile games?"

The question struck me when I met a lot of anxious parents at an Audiologist's office. They made me realize the true meaning of "Prevention is better than cure". They made me realize that early detection and awareness could save expensive and unwanted surgeries. Early detection could have helped them understand their children's condition instead of misconstruing it as a behavioral issue.

This question helped me conceptualize "Hear Games Studio".

At "Hear Games Studio", we plan to build a series of diagnostic mobile phone games that are simple and centered around creating an enjoyable, popular audio-visual gaming experience targeted at gamers in specific age groups (from infant to adult). Using scientifically designed and calibrated audio and visual stimuli, these games will enable detection of various disabilities in the gamer. While the scores achieved by the gamer will be indicative of problems, more detailed screening reports that can help parents or adults get a empirical view.

The first set of games ("Hear Games"), will focus on detection of hearing problems. These will be followed by Vision Games and other games aimed at detection of more complex issues, e.g. dementia.

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